Watch Live Rugby TV Notices of DMCA.

Watch Live Rugby provides subscribers links to live rugby matches online on third party websites.

Watch Live Rugby does not store, transmit or have any control over the content provided by these third party websites, nor are we affiliated with any of them. If the content violates copyright, it is the sole responsibility of the third party website providing it.

Since many subscribers post links on our website, it is impossible to investigate every website posted. However, if it is brought to our attention that such a website has been linked to from our site we take it very seriously, and will strive to remove those links as quickly as possible. We cannot stop new links from being posted, and we recommend that copyright holders deal with the persons responsible for violating the copyright directly.

If you or your company believes that there is a link to unauthorized material from our website to which you hold the rights, please contact us immediately and provide us with the following information so that we can take the appropriate action.

-       The claim and the reason for it, and a detailed description of the alleged content

-       The identity of the copyright holder or person making the claim, with their signature.

-       A written statement that includes a statement certifying that the information is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge, or the knowledge of the copyright holder, under penalty of perjury, acknowledgment that Watch Live Rugby is not responsible for the content and not liable for any copyright claim, proof that the content being hosted on the third party site is there without permission from the copyright holder.

Once we have received this written statement and verified it, we will remove the link as quickly as possible. We are very serious about upholding the copyright law and you can be certain that we will remove any links that are not authorized.

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